Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Head On The Door Whispering In Japanese.

Japanese Whispers
released 1983
vocals/guitars/keyboards/bass: Robert Smith
drums: Lol Tolhurst

1.Let's Go To Bed
2.The Dream
3.Just One Kiss
4.The Upstairs Room
5.The Walk
6.Speak My Language
8.The Lovecats

a bright day after the darkness of the 'Dark Trilogy', released BEFORE The Top, (that was my mistake), a series of singles that had been meshed together with b-sides from the earlier albums, from '82-'83. i love this comp, it's EXTREEEEMELY POP. electro pop. woo. if there is any of the compilations to get, i'd suggest this one & Staring At The Sea. there isn't much to say about this album, there's a real difference in sound on this album too, believe me, it isn't hard to miss. haha. i give this an 8 out of 10. sorry no link. if i find one, i'll put it up.

The Head On The Door
released 1985
vocals/guitars/keyboards: Robert Smith
keyboards: Lol Tolhurst
guitars: Porl Thompson
bass: Simon Gallup
drums: Boris Williams

1.Inbetween Days
2.Kyoto Song
3.The Blood
4.Six Different Ways
6.The Baby Screams
7.Close To Me
8.A Night Like This

this one times in at 37:44.

what starts out as a cheery song about being indecisive about the one that you love (inbetween days) turns into a slow, somber track about a certain taste(kyoto song), on a certain woman perhaps? to a spanish guitar influenced track about a drink called 'Tears of Christ' that apparently knocked robert on his ass and out spewed 'The Blood'. the flow of this album isn't too shabby, it keeps you locked in for the duration, no skipped tracks here. many Cure fans consider this their best, because it represents the Cure, i don't see how that works, but i'll roll with it. this is number three of their albums in my book. i give it a 9 out of 10 stars. link in comments.

sorry i took long, i've been doing other things. Sanscosm will be coming over the next few days to help me make this blog look more professional. enjoy.