Monday, August 9, 2010


it was nice, wasn't it?
well i never post and i don't plan on it.
i'm going to leave everything up,
but don't expect anything.
if anyone wants to take over completely,
get bent.
turkey sandwiches for everyone.
i hate you all.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Goji Stomp Podcast

Here is our 1st Podcast.
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The Peabrains - What's Left
John Lee Hooker - You're Wrong
The Gun Club - For the Love of Ivy

Ice T - Midnight
Ice Cube - My Summer Vacation
QuEst - Listen to Your Heart

Brooke Waggoner - Young Friend
The Unicorns - I was Born (a Unicorn)
Gladys Knight & the Pips - I Know Better

Kind of Like Spitting - Holding Patterns
The Avett Brothers - The Ballad of Love and Hate
Metric - Between the Bars (Elliot Smith Cover)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Vampire Lesbos Are After Me

appy polly logies for taking so godamned long..

#7.Psychedelic Jungle - the Cramps

this record has it all, you've got the man himself Lux Interior handling all of the growls, hoots & hollers, Poison Ivy doing away with your ears on her screeching guitar and Kid Congo Powers laying waste to your gray matter with his classic style of guitar playing, Nick Knox banging away like a madman thumping his victims, while keeping the beat of course; all while you travel through the wires looking for your way out. i can't begin to explain why this is my favorite Cramps albums, mainly because i haven't the words or talent, but hell i'll try. the first half feels like i've been given this tab of acid created in the deep reaches of space, it's been through the atmosphere and landed in the jungles of the Amazon where it was found by these freaks and brought to me. upon dropping it, i'm sent into this world nobody can imagine with the dead dancing around me, a violent washed up wrestling hero, and a slime beast searching for oral sex, to name a few of the monstrosities. when suddenly i hit the peak, i'm on the other side by now and a voice instructs me to not eat what i find on the floor, naturally i don't listen and lose my mind. i make my way out of the clouds and i find myself in the middle of a jungle where there are dances and the trading of things i've never seen before. finally, i'm out of that steamy jungle and walking in the shadows, fearing for my life. for with every turn, there is a danger. i start to wonder if there is anything wrong with me, i've floated away with reality. the green door opens and i'm home.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Friendship Never Died

#8.Closer - Joy Division

when those tribal drumbeats kick in & Ian Curtis directs me into his house of despair, i am already immersed in this album. this all happens within the first song and to me, that is what makes this a classic record. a staple in the post-punk scene; it containing some of the group's well known hits (Isolation, Heart & Soul & Twenty-Four Hours) along with my favorite Joy Division song A Means To An End. while listening to this i can't help but feel helpless and directly connected to Ian's words. in them i hear my pain, my shame & my fear. i cannot say more than what has already been said before me.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Teen Dream Hipster

#9.Music For Pleasure - the Damned
released: 1977

one of my favorite Damned albums, i first experienced it on a cassette that was missing the last two songs because of a bad dub but hot damn did i enjoy what i had. it wasn't until the folks over at Digital Meltdown brought it back into my life with a real nice piece on it. a lot of my favorite Damned songs are on this record: 'Politics', 'Your Eyes', 'Cry Wolf' & 'You Know', not to mention the stand out tracks that are good regardless of what i think of them: 'Stretcher Case', 'One Way Love' & 'Problem Child' for example. there a many folks that would say the Damned have had some hits & misses throughout their career, but i can't really agree. while they may have dropped their 'punk' roots and moved into darker territory, i feel they still put the same amount of talent into everything they've done since their debut. well, except for Grave Disorder but i can excuse that.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

It Begins

i have decided to do a top 10 series.
i'm going to start with my ten favorite punk albums then move on to psychobilly & hip hop.
now then, the genre of punk spreads out all over the map of sub-genres, these are going to be included in my list, so make note of it. i really don't know why i feel i have to explain myself to you.
you could give a shit less, so why bother? i guess it helps me sleep.
onto album number 10.

As The Eternal Cowboy - Against Me! (anarcho)
Released: 2003

the statement made at the beginning of the album is very clear, 'the party's over/a CD skipping/it's the same hook repeating/grows more grating with every passing second', the fun is gone but not forgotten. i remember when this was passed onto me, i didn't know what to expect, i had heard of AM! before but wasn't much of a fan yet as soon as i heard 'Mutiny on The Electronic Bay' with my favorite line 'when an invasion can bring a country its freedom then unconsciousness is true happiness' i knew i was getting into something much more than i thought. aside from the fact that it is much more 'clean' than their previous releases and it lacks the anger that was very present in their demos & first album, Eternal Cowboy will always hold a special place in my heart as one of my favorite Against Me! albums.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Was It A Dream?

some say things aren't what they seem,
i say they are what you want them to be.


Los Angeles - X (punk)
from start to finish this rip roarin' adventure of an album socks it to ya raw. weird thing is, i had never experienced this entire album before this past month. believe it readers. i had heard wild gift & other albums BEFORE this one and i really do not know why. i can listen to this one from top to bottom without skipping a single track, which in my book makes a perfect album. organ duties are handled by the master himself Ray Manzarek which only adds onto the sheer beauty of this record. speaking of the Doors make sure to listen to their cover of 'Soul Kitchen'.

Smell of Female - the Cramps (rock 'n roll/live)
like i have said before, i am not big on live records, i honestly can't answer why seeing as how i really enjoy a lot of live albums. but this, this is something more, it is a glimpse into the greatness that is the Cramps. i'm sure you're all well aware of what an entity the Cramps were onstage, but now you can experience it. recorded in 1983 at the world famous Peppermint Lounge over the course of two days, we have a perfect moment in time captured forever for everyone to enjoy whenever the hell they want. Congo Powers & Ivy shine ever so brightly on their guitars, Knox as always bangs the shit out of his drum skins and Mr.Interior howls like no other. experience greatness at it's finest. plus, you get Surfin' Dead.

Girls In The Garage vol.1 - Various Artists (garage)
a perfect compilation of chicks making some raw tracks. it is chock full of hits and interesting bits from a slew of girl fronted groups. most of the songs are from what seems to be the mid to late 60's, seeing as how there are some references to the Fab Four. a lot of gems are hidden in this comp and you're going to have to find them yourselves. i'll let you in on two of my favorites: 'Nightmare' by the Whyte Boots and 'Come Back' by the Belles. happy hunting.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saddle Up Pukebags

i have been looking for the right words,
i can't find them.
nothing can really explain how i feel about you,
be it art, music or food.
all i know is that i love you with all of me,
and that's the best i can do.


Bedtime for Democracy - Dead Kennedys (hardcore punk)
i feel this classic album is underrated, the kids i know that were introduced to DK through Fresh Fruit tend to avoid Frankenchrist & this one here, i honestly do not know why. in fact, my first taste of Jello & co. was with this record. i remember the guy that let me borrow his copy told me that he liked the first half only, he said that the rest was too preachy. i took it home and listened to it over & over again, after each listen i could not find anything remotely preachy. with that, i decided to close my mind and become an ignorant shithead, when i hit 'Chickenshit Conformist' i realized that is what made him call the album preachy. i kept his copy. he forgot, grew up and moved away, i wish he still lived here so i could punch him in his stupid face.

Moon Gas - Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo (space age pop/lounge)
spacey as fuck but hot damn is this one of the best records i've heard in a long time. this album was brought to my attention by a mixtape Lux Interior made that somehow got onto the internet, the song For All We Know was played at his funeral and i felt that it was a fitting farewell song. anyway, Dick Hyman as you may or may not know is a famed jazz musician and has gone through a number of transformations, musically anyhow. Mary Mayo on the other hand is probably only well-known to die hard fans of space pop, seeing as how she has gone uncredited on several of her releases, but you might remember her from the coke ads in the 80's, i sure as hell don't. well i can't find this album anywhere else really, so i figured i'd add my chip to the plate.

A Scandal In Bohemia - the Jazz Butcher (music)
i first heard these fellas on a psychobilly comp, an unlikely place to find a group such as this but i am glad i did. although i will admit there seem to be some rockabilly influences here & there, though not enough zombies (that could be funny, but it isn't). what i love most about this group is the way they handle multiple genres of music and twist them into a wonderful beast of a sound. the leader of the band Pat Fish is a brilliant dude that has a swell way with black humor, 'Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present' is a fine example, with the lines ''Caroline Wheeler's birthday present was made entirely of the skins of dead Jim Morrisons''. i got a chuckle out of that one, maybe you will too..

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Got Good Taste

i have been coming in & out of reality,
i had a taste of flesh and i can't get enough.
your scent is something i now yearn for,
i look for it everywhere i go,
thankfully you're the main source,
allow me to devour you.
i have become this strange being and i do not know why,
it's overwhelming but i like it.


Gravest Hits - the Cramps (music)
this is the beginning of the end, the end of boring music and the rebirth of rock 'n roll. the second you hear that raunchy guitar intro, you will know that this is nothing you have ever experienced in your pitiful life. from it's autobiography of a mutant fly to the sorrowful cover of Mr.Nelson's Lonesome Town, this debut EP is a staple in music history.

In Sickness & In Health - Demented Are Go (psychobilly)
one of the first psychobilly bands i was introduced to. i can remember hearing them for the first time and being blown away, they were something wicked & my mind wasn't prepared for them. sparky crawled into my brain and had his disgusting way with it, leaving me a sick spazmoid; to this day i still don't mind and gladly let him run wild in my gray matter. another fine debut album.

Greatest Hits - Lighter Shade of Brown (hip hop)
i was a kid when i met these fellas and from what i remember they were nice dudes, then again i used to act like Godzilla every time i was in a japanese restaurant (which wasn't often, but believe you me every chance i was around any person of asian descent, i would be roaring like a motherfucker). back to the music, this is a fine example of 'chicano rap', i hate the term but it's what the kids called it then. it's a greatest hits compilation so you can expect to not be too disappointed by this.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Dulce Periculum

i was reading about ways to hallucinate without spending any money.
i found a few examples but the best of the bunch has to be sleep deprivation.
which brings me to this,
i haven't been sleeping and i have been to these strange places,
there's a man i just met today and he told me of this land where anything can happen,
he shared the tales of this magnificent place, the sights, the sounds and the wonders.
i asked him for the easiest way into this world and he said:
'close your eyes'

aren't i fucking sagacious?


Philosophy of the World - the Shaggs (outsider sunshine pop)
these gals have been hailed as the pioneers of outsider rock and i completely agree. i will admit it took me a few listens to truly find their genius, seeing as how it didn't follow my 'groove' for music. it took what i thought was right and chewed it up and spit it back in my mouth; the taste was amazing. i can think of a few people that i could show this group to and because they're full of shit, they would be repulsed by this band and shun them. if you're open minded and have an ear for music, you'll look past their idiosyncratic sound & find the real band hidden within.

Debasement Tapes - 45 Grave (death rock)
a slew of demos & live tracks, it is a definite must-have for fans of la tomba 45 & death rock in general. which brings me to this: does anyone have any Vox Pop recordings? all i have been able to find is their cover of Paint It Black and i really want to hear more. if anyone knows anywhere i can find it, please pass along the information.

Jack The Ripper - Link Wray & his Ray Men (surf/instrumental)
one of the kings of guitar. a very influential dude indeed, Link & his Ray Men certainly did a number to the surf rock scene, hell, overall music. his influence is widespread; from teenage garage trash to graveyard rockin' psychobilly, Link Wray is the man and always will be.

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